Since early November, the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) in Manhattan is home of a NanoFrazor Explore. Principal investigator Elisa Riedo, one the very early and best known pioneers of thermal probe lithography, will use the NanoFrazor technology for a wide range of new patterning ideas and applications. Several other groups in New York, like the group of Ken Shepard from Columbia or the group of Lia Krusin from the City College supported the NSF MRI grant and started to use the NanoFrazor for their applications ranging from biotechnology to solid state physics.
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The first NanoFrazor system in Australia was successfully installed in the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) where it will be used, among other things, to fabricate high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) as emitters and detectors in terahertz devices. Read more about this story here.
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Last week, the first NanoFrazor system in Asia was successfully installed in China. Researchers from the Beihang University are already excited to use the NanoFrazor Explore for fundamental research of emerging spintronic memory and logic devices, particularly on new structures of magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) and spin valves.
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For the third year in a row, the Thermal Probe Workshop organized by SwissLitho and IBM Research, took place in Zurich. Continuing the trend of last year's event, we had again a very exciting and diverse program with renowned international speakers. They presented their latest results with thermal probes and beyond facilitating discussions about new fascinating possibilities. In line with this, we also announced the winners of our Young Researcher Idea Competition who all traveled to Zurich to present their creative ideas to the astonished audience.   In addition to all the technical information, we learned how to create our own chocolate masterpieces at…
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SwissLitho started collaboration with TNO in Delft to evaluate if the NanoFrazor technology can be implemented in the wafer-level parallel AFM metrology system of TNO. This principle would increase the throughput of the NanoFrazor towards industrial applications. This principle would increase the throughput of the NanoFrazor towards industrial applications. You can get an impression of the system of TNO in this video.
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In promoting innovative ideas and discovering potential new applications using nanoscale heatable tips (Thermal Scanning Probes), SwissLitho AG, a Zurich based nanotechnology startup, announced the winners of its 1st ever Young Researcher Idea Contest. The goal of this competition was to come up with original ideas for the usage of a nanoscale heatable tip - the key component of the NanoFrazor - SwissLitho’s unique nanofabrication tool. The winners were chosen out of more than 100 participants from more than 15 countries with proposals from a wide range of nanotechnology fields such as nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, plasmonics, surface analysis and modification, nanomagnetism, biology and many more. “We were astonished…
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New website online

January 26, 2016  

We are proud to announce our new website! After two years of service, we replaced our old page with a modern, Wordpress-based site for a better user experience. Please feel free to learn more about our technology, products, markets, partners, customers and our team. Enjoy the new page!
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Have a look at the most creative ideas in our announcement of the winners and finalists of SwissLitho's "Young Researcher Idea Competition".   [table id=16 /]
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We recently installed a NanoFrazor Explore at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). You are curious what they are going to do with it? Here is their official statement: "Part of AFRL’s Sensors Directorate mission is to ensure unequaled reconnaissance, surveillance, precision engagement, and electronic warfare capabilities for America’s Air and Space Forces by developing, demonstrating and transitioning advanced sensors and sensor technologies. This research tool will be utilized in the performance of basic and applied research to discover and develop novel optoelectronic, laser, and power electronic concepts. Additionally it will be utilized in the performance of basic and…
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NanoFrazor Quiz

November 22, 2015  

Participate in the 2nd NanoFrazor Quiz ! Win a Dacuda Scanner Mouse, which you might know from our Live Demonstrations of the NanoFrazor at exhibitions. The winner of the 1st NanoFrazor Quiz is Philipp Eib from greenTEG. Congratulations to Philipp. The right answer were: 1.a; 2. c; 3. a,b,c,d,e,f; Here you can check the Quiz questions again.
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