15 Mio $ funding for NanoFrazor users

03 November 2017

Our early customers from ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne recently received major funding for their research ideas involving the NanoFrazor.

Prof. Jürg Leuthold from ETH Zürich will set up the “Centre for Single-Atom Electronics and Photonics” for which he received a donation of 12 million CHF by the Werner Siemens-Foundation. The NanoFrazor at ETH plays a key role for their ideas and was used to convince the foundation with the realization of very promising prototypes and by demonstrating the capabilities of the NanoFrazor live during the foundation’s evaluation visit.

Prof. Jürgen Brugger from EPFL Lausanne received 2.5 million EUR with the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant from the EU. In his project “MEMS 4.0”, the NanoFrazor will be used among other techniques to push the frontiers in new materials and new processing to engineer the next generations of plastic MEMS.

We congratulate Prof. Leuthold and Prof. Brugger for these major achievements and are happy to see that their early adoption of the NanoFrazor technology is already starting to pay off.