SwissLitho is engaged in several R&D collaborations to further develop its core technologies:

EU Project: Single Nanometer Manufacturing for beyond CMOS Devices

The aim of the project is to investigate and develop novel technologies for Single Nanometer Manufacturing (SNM), reaching the theoretical limit of future nanoelectronic and nanomechnanical systems. SwissLitho collaborates with 15 European partners including IMEC, EV Group, IBM and the Imperial College London in order to push the limits of nano-manufacturing down to single digit resolution.

Eurostars project: PPA-Litho

The Eurostars: PPA-Litho project will enable the first commercial production of resist materials based on polyphthalaldehydes used by the NanoFrazor technology for advanced lithography applications. To this end, SwissLitho collaborates with several European commercial resist manufacturers and research institutes like Joanneum Research, IDM, Aglycon and Allresist in order to bring several resists, specifically tailored for Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography to the market.

Swiss CTI project: 3D Nano2Micro

The Swiss CTI project “Nano2Micro” together with EPFL in Lausanne/Switzerland aims at increasing the patterning depth range of the NanoFrazor from the several-hundred nanometer to the few-micrometer range, allowing for more complex geometries. This will extend the possible use of Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography and the NanoFrazor technology towards the typical dimensions of MEMS devices. This addresses a large variety of applications and devices: Diffractive optics for anti-counterfeiting, security optics for traceability and micro-optical components like aspherical lens arrays or beam-shaping optics. This could furthermore be a key-enabler for technologies like solar energy harvesting and structure replication in biotechnology.

Swiss CTI project: Multi-Tip NanoFrazor

For the next generations of Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography tools for industrial customers we are developing new control systems and write-heads in collaboration with the NTB in Buchs/Switzerland. These multi-tip heads are optimized for increased lifetime and throughput.

TKI project: Multi-function Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography, AFM Metrology and Inspection on Wafers

SwissLitho started collaboration with TNO in Delft to evaluate if the NanoFrazor technology can be implemented in the wafer-level parallel AFM metrology system of TNO. Their platform features many miniaturized AFM and positioning units allowing to scan many areas on large wafers, each with the size of tens of micrometers. This principle would increase the throughput of the NanoFrazor towards industrial applications.

Swiss CTI project: Nanobridge

The Nanobridge project aims at developing a novel high-precision positioning system for the next generation of the NanoFrazor which will handle up to 8″-wafers. This tool features an ultra-precise fast-scanning unit with a state-of-the-art, large-stroke actuation system which we develop together with IBM Research, inspire AG (the ETH Zurich technology transfer institute) and Schneeberger, a commercial manufacturer of linear motion systems.