First installation of a NanoFrazor Scholar

28 August 2017

The NanoFrazor Scholar is our newest NanoFrazor system, available only since this year. We are happy to announce that the first NanoFrazor Scholar system was recently installed successfully in Dresden, Germany, at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in the Institute for Metallic Materials (IMW).

The group “Quantum Materials and Devices” PD Dr. Andy Thomas specializes in nanomagnetic layers, semiconductor nanowires and artificial synapses. The Scholar is planned to be used for fabricating magnetic tunnel junctions and nanowire-based devices. The unique In-situ imaging, markless overlay and stitching features of the NanoFrazor will enable the fabrication of such devices through a much simpler process. Furthermore, improved performance of the devices is expected because no damage from an electron beam can occur during the NanoFrazor patterning.