Machine Installation at AFRL

25 November 2015

We recently installed a NanoFrazor Explore at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). You are curious what they are going to do with it? Here is their official statement:
“Part of AFRL’s Sensors Directorate mission is to ensure unequaled reconnaissance, surveillance, precision engagement, and electronic warfare capabilities for America’s Air and Space Forces by developing, demonstrating and transitioning advanced sensors and sensor technologies. This research tool will be utilized in the performance of basic and applied research to discover and develop novel optoelectronic, laser, and power electronic concepts. Additionally it will be utilized in the performance of basic and applied research on emerging EO/IR sensing technologies and components to understand and exploit nanotechnology and metamaterials to provide accurate, fast, and inexpensive sensing options to meet future requirements for highly contested environments. The NanoFrazor will also be used to foster and support collaborative research efforts with the Materials & Manufacturing Directorate’s Functional Materials Division whose mission involves research in nanoelectronic and photonic materials. Many of the specific research tasks planned for the tool are supported by AFRL’s AF Office of Scientific Research Directorate (AFOSR) through intramural research projects. This acquisition will enhance the Sensors Directorate’s capabilities in nanoscale lithography by augmenting existing e-beam lithography capabilities while providing an additional capability for 3D lithography.