The NanoFrazor Industrial is a custom product currently in development. It is adapted to each particular application in order to best meet requirements regarding automation, wafer size, throughput, positioning accuracy and cleanroom class. It is suitable for low-volume production of highly specialized products and components, which require complex or customized high-resolution features. The NanoFrazor Industrial uses many cantilevers in parallel for a massively increased throughput like its predecessor technology Millipede from IBM.

Areas of application for the NanoFrazor Industrial are for example:

  • High-quality production of 3D templates
  • Small areas in high resolution in 2D or 3D, with Mix-and-Match
  • 3D photolithography mask writing (with in-situ metrology without the need for optical proximity corrections)
  • Novel nanodevices that require individually customized parts

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and the requirements for your application.