The NanoFrazor software is a complete solution for performing high-resolution 2D and 3D (grayscale) lithography.  It supports traditional lithography (.GDS) and AFM (.top) file formats for easy integration into established user workflows. An interactive, graphical approach uses the NanoFrazor’s surface topography measuring capability for precise overlay – aligning patterns with surface features.

The software is integrated into the widely-used Igor Pro software platform.  This provides advanced users with access to Igor’s extensive mathematical libraries and scripting capabilities.  In addition to the core NanoFrazor patterning and imaging functionality, the software also handles the optical microscope, the gas control, humidity and temperature monitoring and all cantilever calibrations.

Easy to Use Interface

The design of the user interface follows the patterning workflow with three separate “workbenches”. One for selecting the patterning parameters – Configuration, one for specifying the pattern – Layout and one for executing the patterning and imaging process – Session. This guides the users through the entire process and ensures that only the relevant tools are exposed for the current activity.

Expert users can access detailed results and modify advanced parameters directly. This allows for patterning even on unusual substrates. Furthermore, settings can be saved into profiles for later use and exchanged between users.

Layout & Importers

The NanoFrazor software supports both bitmaps (PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP) and the most commonly used standard lithography file format – GDSII. This provides users with an array of tools for geometry creation. It also simplifies the so called “mix-and-match” lithography where the NanoFrazor is used for high resolution patterning while optical lithography is used for the fabrication of larger features (e.g. contact pads).

For grayscale patterning, the target depth map can be loaded from a wide range of common image formats. Alternatively, target depths can be defined for each layer of a GDSII design file.

Scripting Framework

The NanoFrazor software is integrated into the Igor Pro interactive software environment. This platform has extensive data analysis and graphing capabilities and incorporates a simple and powerful scripting language with a large user community. Igor script commands are provided for all NanoFrazor activities from writing a pattern to moving the coarse positioning stage. This allows users to automate repetitive tasks or develop their own routines.

User Manual

The extensive NanoFrazor user manual is accessible via a contextual help link directly from every panel of the NanoFrazor software. Along with explanations for each function, it also includes tutorials and a troubleshooting section.

Furthermore, the “technology reference” in the manual provides many details about the technology itself and about the recommended pattern transfer processes for the NanoFrazor.