New PostDoc

01 February 2017

SwissLitho has recently sponsored the first SwissLitho Postdoctoral Fellowship for Advanced Nanofabrication Scanning Probe Methods. The research position is focused on the use of the NanoFrazor, located in the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) in Manhattan, New York City. The ASRC is a new $350M research institute of the City University of New York with a partnership with Columbia University. The goal of this project will be to use the NanoFrazor and the ASRC labs to develop new innovative nanostructures, nano-devices, and nanofabrication concepts, with potential transformative applications in nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, mechanics and biomedicine.

With the affiliation of Prof. Elisa Riedo’s PicoForce Lab at ASRC, the SwissLitho Postdoctoral fellow works closely with scientists from SwissLitho and IBM research, including advanced trainings on the NanoFrazor system and related processes in Zurich, featuring a superb opportunity for a career in both academia and industry.

Dr. Xiaorui Zheng has been appointed as the SwissLitho Postdoctoral Fellow commencing in March 2017. He has a strong background in nanofabrication, 2D materials and photonics from his positions at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, Swineburne University in Melbourne and UCSD in California.