Photonic Molecules with sub-nanometer precision

28 November 2017

New publication:

SwissLitho engineers have collaborated with scientists at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory to fabricate pairs of interacting optical cavities – so called “photonic molecules”.

Using NanoFrazor technology, pairs of cavities were fabricated with precisely controlled interaction strength.  Establishing this control over the interaction strength is a key milestone on the road towards quantum computations using arrays of such cavities.

The successful fabrication of the cavities exploited the NanoFrazor technology’s unique ability to perform high resolution 3D grayscale lithography.  The NanoFrazor closed-loop lithography approach was improved to achieve not only sub-nanometer resolution, but also sub-nanometer absolute accuracy in the removal of the thermally sensitive resist.  This resist exposure was paired with an optimized linear, anisotropic dry etch to achieve the cavity geometries requested by the IBM scientists in silicon oxide.