We will help you with all your requests related to the usage the NanoFrazor and our software as fast as possible. You can contact us through a support request via phone, email, or have a look at the NanoFrazor user manual and processing database here.

General support request

If you have a general support request, please fill out the form below. To speed up the processing of your support request, please fill in as many fields as possible. Thank you very much!

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You can also submit relevant files via this webpage.

Support via Email

Of course, you can also contact us via email at support@swisslitho.com. If you are looking to contact a particular person from our team, please have a look at our contact page. To contact our distributors, please see the distributor page.

Support via Phone / Web Conferencing

Please contact us directly via phone at +41 44 500 3802 to get support.

For web conferencing, you can contact us via our

User manual

Our user manual (for registration, please contact support@swisslitho.com) contains necessary instructions and information how to operate the NanoFrazor.


Processing database

Here you can find out processing database (for registration, please contact support@swisslitho.com) where you can find work flows of fabricating nanostructures with the NanoFrazor.